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Turtles are pets that do not need much care

However, which can cause more work when you adopt one, is to build a terrarium comfortable and secure. But if we want to preserve their health is necessary that this is clean, keep good light, and that food and water in the be fresh. If we do, this can bring a number of health problems in the reptile.

Ocular infection is an example of these problems. If the animal does not eat foods with vitamin A or change the water regularly, at risk of having an eye infection that must be eliminated with a solution misses a 3% boric acid and the rest of distilled water. This liquid must pass through the animal’s eyes twice daily for swelling is gone from his eyes or keep them closed longer all the time. If you do not see any improvement within 5 days of applying the solution, we must urgently take the animal to a veterinary practice.

Poor diet can not only bring this problem, but also the mascot stomach disorders accompanied by diarrhea and constipation.

Like humans, if the turtles are near drafts, you can catch cold. So we must locate your terrarium in a remote area of bursts. The aqua terrariums can also compromise the respiratory system of the pet if the water and the environment have many degrees of difference, so it is desirable to maintain this temperature difference to a minimum. If we do the pet may have symptoms such as mucus, loss of appetite and activity, open-mouth breathing and swim sideways. As with the eye infection, if we see no improvement after 5 days, the animal must be taken to the vet, as this can develop into pneumonia.