Parrot that has the ability to imitate the human voice

Parrot Cockatoos, characterized by presenting an erectile crest of feathers on the head, belong to another family (Cacatuidae) within the same order.


Have a peak with a characteristic curved shape, with the upper jaw has a slight mobility where it connects with the skull and a generally upright position. They possess a large cranial capacity, being one of the smartest groups of birds. They live in tropical areas, are good fliers and skilled climbers and tree branches.


The parrots are distributed throughout the southern hemisphere, occupying many different habitats ranging from humid tropical forests to the deserts of inland Australia, including India, Southeast Asia and West Africa, and one species, now extinct, United States (the Carolina Parakeet). However, larger populations are native to Australasia, South America and Central America.


Many species can imitate human speech and other sounds. One researcher, Irene Pepperberg has published papers on the learning ability of an African Grey parrot named Alex, who has been trained to use words in order to identify objects, describe, classify, and even answer complex questions, such , “How many red squares are there?” (with an accuracy of 80%). However, some researchers argue that parrots are just repeating words with no idea of ​​meaning. [Citation needed]

Domesticated parrots

Parrots are commonly purchased as pets, being an excellent company. It should be noted, however, that in many countries are wanted for high value sales. That means they are caught illegally in the process killing the adults to put at risk of extinction in many of them. During transport in brutal conditions underground to avoid detection killed more than 50% and the rest are sold by traffickers abroad where they are also taken in secret.

The wings of these birds are often cut and some owners allow the birds to wander free.

Parrots require a minimum care: food, water, space, cleanliness and, of course, much love and attention. An important facet of the domestication of parrots are squawking, with which to respond to almost any sharp sound: ambulance, car horns, crying children, and even television, parrots have the ability to speak, by rote what humans say. It is the only animal with the ability to speak human language, brain development course prevents you from using it as a sign of communication. That is, they speak by repetition and training but do not understand. Not all parrots are equal: some are quieter, less noisy, more caring, etc.. This gives the owner the opportunity to choose the type of parrot that suits your tastes.

A domestic parrots need to provide adequate and varied diet, with seeds, including sunflower, millet, diverse variety of fruits, etc..

Owners of domestic parrots tend to parrot entertainment:
* Buy toys such as hoops, swings, etc..
* Playing with him, teach him to sing or talk, sing or talk to him, scratch his head (if it allows), etc.
* Leaving out of the cage, where it has been used to his / her owners and their environment.

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