Sea lion birth process that goes fast

Sea lion with critical after six or seven months of the period of breastfeeding, sea lion pups, start learning to swim, so they can help themselves, and to escape from hazards such as orcas. Year of life, puppies, and away from the mother.

Sea lions are excellent swimmers, and no other animal can compare them. They use their fins to propel themselves above the water and pick up speed, and the rear fins use them to slow down and stop.

These mammals are carnivorous and feed primarily on fish, which can reach about 20 kg ingested daily. Your food does not usually get too much water entering itself, so their usual prey usually anchovies, striped or whiting.

It is curious to find that these large animals, sometimes also ingest some stones to grind the fish and other foods you eat.

Sea lions can be found in rocky canyons with cliffs and cave entrances. two marine sea lion pelosleon Two species of sea lions, a (Otaria Falvescens) and of (Arctocephalus australis). Both can live between 18 and 24 years.

Lions of a hair in adulthood if females can weigh 144 kg and measure about 2.20 meters in length, while males are much larger, can weigh between 300 and 350 kg and measure about 2.80 meters in length.

Depending on whether they are male or female, its color varies. Also be distinguished because females are more curious than males, because if they see a man diving, females come to browse while males stay away.

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Special Animal Health Clinic for Pets

Have some type of illness or accident we should go to health centers for animals, veterinary clinics bone.

If we submit to an operation or veterinary treatment our pets always hope it goes well and we trust the expertise of specialists in the clinic, but if it went wrong we must know that we as customers have few rights and the clinical and veterinarians there practicing as such, must have insurance or something to cover the liability in case.

Note that in case you want something tort claim, one thing we have to consider and we should know, is that we can compensate as that pet owners, we must somehow prove that the damage I harm occurred during veterinary action.

How to make a good cleaning of the Aquarium

They tend to accumulate enough scale and other impurities that create a hostile environment for our fish, besides being unsightly for our home.

Also keep in mind that we must purify our water tank at least once a day, since dirt fish contain high levels of ammonia that are toxic to the water. For this purpose, existing on the market types that transform processor filters the bacteria from the fish faeces bacteria that help in cleaning and maintenance aguaTambién agua.limpieza contribute to the cleanliness of the water pumps.
Fish tanks pumps normally pump clean water from the pipe to the tank, purifying with filters containing the same pump.

Cleaning a fish tank is not really a difficult task. The first thing to do is unplug all electrical devices like lamp, water pump, … and empty the tank. Then clean the walls of the same with a specialized product for fish tanks and helping with a soft cloth. (The rest of the objects decorating the tank is also important to clean well). Pump

After that, we can only clean the electrical mechanisms, which is important not to clean it very thoroughly, rinse with water only, as the filters can have some bacteria that help maintain the water.

Once all this done, we can only put the mechanisms in place and plug the pump so that it fills up.

How To Buy Pet Supplies

Buying pet supplies is one of the most rewarding and enjoying experiences for most of the pet owners. After all, buying a new toy or pet treats is the best way to express your gratitude to your favorite pet for their loyalty. Many pet owners spend a lot of money, but end up buying items that do not make a perfect match for their pets. On the other hand, some folks buy relevant items for their animals without spending much. The key difference is the choice of the right pet accessories.

First of all, analyze the personality of your loved animal. If your pet is very active, and do a lot of climbing work, buying a suitable item that reflects the style of your pet is a better idea. On the other hand, a sober accessory may be the best bet for your mature and quiet pet. Similarly, if your favorite animal love splashy items, buying sparkling item may be an ideal choice. Jot down distinctive characteristic of your pet; this will help you in buying stuff that matches the personality of your favored animal.

After getting familiar with the personality of your pet, it’s time to explore possible venues to buy relevant pet supplies. Offline stores that specialize in stocking animal stuff are the best places to buy suitable pet accessories. Explore stores in and around your locality; you may be fortunate in finding a perfect accessory. If you are unlucky and fail to find suitable accessories at offline stores, search online.

Many online outlets can be found that particularly deal in pet supplies. As a result, you stand a good chance of finding the right accessories for your pets. Moreover, online stores offer quality products at reasonable rates compared to physical stores such as The primary reason for economical prices at online stores is they do not incur any expenses such as electricity, rent etc which is the case with offline stores. Hence, they are able to offer products at low rates. However, the best thing about online shopping is you get an opportunity to browse many stores at the same time from the convenience of your computer desk.

Shop smartly on the web; visit multiple venues in order to buy quality pet accessories. Surf through the wide range of products available at various online outlets. Compare product features with respect to color, style, price etc to choose the best stuff for your favorite pet. Finally, buy the best pet supplies that match your pet’s personality and comes in a budget-friendly manner.

The relationship between Bird and Parrot Parrots

The animals which are commonly known by the name of Parrots and parrots. They belong to the family of Psittacosis birds and parrots real name.

These birds have a characteristic curved beak shape for his upper jaw with a slight mobility coupled with the skull and its position is usually upright. They are also characterized by their high intelligence, being the most intelligent birds, being able to repeat different sounds and even imitate the human voice, despite the lack of vocal cords.

Following the intelligence of these animals, there have been various studies. In one of them, by Irene Pepperberg, which determined that the parrot who made the study even get to answer complex questions with 80% accuracy. Although, we must also point out that many other researchers argue that the parrots repeat words without knowing the meaning.

These animals basically live scattered around the southern hemisphere, occupying various locations humid rainforests to the deserts of outback Australia, including India, Southeast Asia and West Africa, the largest populations being located in Australasia, America South and Central America.

Parrots are often purchased as pets, so you have to keep in mind that in some countries are captured by its high sales value. With optimal care for the animal, can live around 50 years.

Laika reached orbit the Earth and space

Aboard Sputnik 2, Laika was launched into space Nov. 3, 1957. The ship was ready to overheating that would suffer, but all became too fast and when Sputnik 2 was launched into space already knew that Laika would not survive the trip. For this reason, Soviet scientists, the plan to poison tienían ten days, having prepared food poisoning. However, they expected did not happen.

At first, the Soviet Union claimed that the dog had died of suffocation when the batteries failed and sometimes he had received euthanasia according to the original plans, ie for years gave contradictory explanations.

In 1999, Russian sources said that Laika survived at least four days, and then killed by overheating of the ship.

And in October 2002, the scientist Dimitri Malashenkov, who participated in the launch of Sputnik 2, Laika said had died five to seven hours after takeoff, due to stress and overheating, as it proved impossible to create a reliable temperature control in such a short time (four weeks).

The soricids as animals that are very similar to the rat

There are 264 species of shrews, of which most are terrestrial species, although there are also underwater. They are characterized by their small eyes and elongated snout with whiskers if very sensitive. His favorite places to live are those with some humidity and rocky terrain with lush vegetation such as deciduous forests or on the edge of ponds.

Shrew 2

In these places is where you dig burrows lined with vegetation, which have their young (about six per litter). The shrews gestation normally lasts less than 30 days.

Shrews largest measuring up to about 15 centimeters long, weighing about 100 grams, and are known as home shrews (Suncus murinus). This type can be found in Asia. The tiniest, the Etruscan shrew (Suncus etruscus), measuring between 3.5 and 5 inches long and weigh 1.8 to 3 grams.

These small mammals feed on insects that hunt both day and night, and can even die if they spend more than four hours without eating. Besides feeding on invertebrates sometimes also hunt to eat small vertebrates such as voles, lizards and even some rare rats. They get to eat their own weight in food as they are very active animals.

Besides paying attention to their diet, should be alert to defend against all predators that threaten their lives. To do this, shrews have scent glands that emit a scent for predators to stay away, but usually are preyed upon by birds that have a very weak sense of smell.

There are some species of shrews that have another defense mechanism against other animals, poisonous saliva. These small mammals have a life expectancy of about a year (if that). In captivity this lengthens lifespan reaching to achieve the four years.

Octopus sea animals with Three Hearts

Octopuses have eight arms with a few sticky suckers on each. At the point of convergence of their eight arms, the octopus’s mouth, which is provided with a horny beak. The eyes, that is very developed, are housed in the head, as the main brain and three hearts. The mantle has the ink tank (which used to escape predators), the siphon (using shooting water to change direction at speed) and the rest of the viscera.

The main brain of the animal that is located on the head, connected in turn to eight smaller brains, located in each of the arms of the animal. These young brains are those used to control each of its arms always depending on the main brain.

Octopuses have three hearts, but everyone has their role. Two of them, uses them to carry oxygen to the gills, which are the respiratory organs involved in the interchanges of gases, and the third heart is responsible for pumping blood to the body of the animal.

It is curious that the blood of the octopus is blue, like that of squid and cuttlefish. This is because instead of using hemoglobin as oxygen carrier molecule used hemocyanin, which contains iron instead of copper.

The world’s smallest octopus, blue-ringed octopuses, can reach the 15 cetímetros long. The common octopus, Octopus vulgaris on, can reach 3 meters in length and weigh 12 kilograms. And the larger species, as Haliphron dofleini Enteroctopus Atlanticus and can reach up to six meters and weigh up to 70 kiligramos.

How to properly feed the Iguana

Since power is what mainly depends health. The diet must be followed should be varied, plus rich in protein and vitamins. Also keep in mind, to facilitate digestion, we can cut the food into small pieces.

These animals, being herbivores, they should be fed on food of animal origin. There are certain vegetables that can not ingest and avoid the need to give them both, like spinach, celery, cauliflower or broccoli, as are vegetables high oxáltico acid level, which can not metabolize iguanas.

There are other vegetables that contain tannin, which is bad for these lizards, such as carrots, bananas, grapes, onions or lettuce. With the latter, we must take special care since it takes away the appetite and gives them no vitamins, no protein, and calcium, and phosphorus.

I can also buy specially prepared for them, which gives them everything they need.

iguanas food

It is important to keep the food bowl always full, since iguanas eat at any time of day. It is also very important, daily wash every time you change the food, to avoid the appearance of fungus that would cause digestive problems in these animals.

Iguana as a scaly reptile native to tropical regions

Which we speak today belongs to the genre of the scaly reptiles native to tropical areas of Central and South America and the Caribbean. The animal to which we are referring is the Iguana.

These animals are divided into two species: the green iguana and iguana Caribbean. The two species have a double chin, a pair of spines that run through your body to the tail and a third eye in the head. Behind the neck have a tubercular scales resemble that peaks.

Besides, the green iguana has in the I strain on the back and a high ridge, formed by independent thorns and another set of thorns under the chin. Its body is long and narrow, like his tail with powerful blows can give, but iguanas are harmless animals. They can grow up to 1.50 meters in length.

His excellent vision allows them to see bodies, shadows and movement at long distances. They are used to detect food and venture into the dense jungles through them. In addition they also have some visual cues that communicate with other iguanas.

They are herbivores and oviparous. The iguanas reach sexual maturity at 16 months. Lay their eggs underground for the month of February.